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Why choose a Bulgarian manufacturer ?


The Bulgarian Association for Textile, Apparel and Leather gathers expert manufacturers in the field of production of clothes, shoes and bags from Bulgaria. The association is committed to improving the relationship between European fashion companies and Bulgarian manufacturers. BATOK strives to build a long-standing infrastructure for support and cooperation between companies in the textile, apparel and leather products sector in Bulgaria.

With its strategic location in Eastern Europe, Bulgaria provides fast deliveries to other European countries. The industrial production of textiles and clothing in Bulgaria has a long tradition, dating back to 1834. It was then that the first Bulgarian textile enterprise was established, which is the first on the Balkan Peninsula in Eastern Europe. Apart from the long tradition in the production of clothing and leather goods, Bulgaria is also a strong competitor in the field of production due to some of the lowest taxes for the EU.

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Qualified specialists

The Textiles, Clothing and Leather sector employs qualified professionals and well-trained workers. Proof of this are the many world-famous brands that trust Bulgarian manufacturers. Their pursuit of continuous improvement, flexibility and expertise attracts foreign clients and investments that contribute to the development of our economy.

For us, at BATOK, social responsibility to employees is essential. Most of our members successfully implement various environmental solutions in their production, and most of the factories have ISO9001 / BSCI amfori and OHSAS 18001: 2007 certificates, certifying healthy and safe working conditions. BATOK members strive for continuous improvement of the working environment by investing not only in the modernization of their production, but also in the development of their staff.

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High technologies


The Bulgarian industry in the field is extremely high-tech, well-equipped, and its production is at a high international level. Our members constantly follow the latest trends for environmentally friendly and sustainable production - from equipment innovations to the use of organic fabrics. Some of the members are in the process of reorienting to all-green production.

Our members successfully apply the latest technologies in the field in their production. They are equipped with the latest generation of modern machines and specialized software. They develop their models of 3D and 4D visualization so that they can be as accurate as possible and always achieve excellent results.

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Strategic location

Bulgarian manufacturing companies in the field of clothing and leather products comply with international and European standards for working conditions. They guarantee high quality of the finished products. The possibility of using the label "Made in Europe" allows for increased transparency in the production of finished products. BATOK members are accredited companies that comply with all EU regulations on safety and working conditions. Most are ISO9001 certified.


Bulgaria's strategic place on the world map makes it an attractive location for international relations within Europe. Domestic manufacturers in the industry have the opportunity to offer many competitive advantages, including fast delivery, good prices, excellent quality, a wide range of products.

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